About RepRapBCN

RepRapBCN is a project of the Foundation CIM (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). Our main objectives are:
  • Promote the presence of opensource printing systems in Spain and Europe.
  • To advance this technology through active participation in the community that is developing.
  • Train students in industrial engineering in mechanics, electronics, materials andindustrial management by involving the project.
We perform activities such as:
  • Workshops for assembly RepRap printers.
  • Technology diffusion conferences.
  • Visits to our facilities to anyone who so desires (individuals, institutions, universities…).
  • Managing an online store (REPRAPBCN.COM) for the supply of kits, parts or materials to people in need.
  • Final Degree Projects of Industrial Engineering students associated with the development of RepRap printers.
All proceeds from activities related to RepRapBCN are for the provision of scholarships for students assigned to the project. Besides, Fundació CIM makes available for this project all its facilities and the assistance of their technicians.
On behalf of the team RepRapBCN I encourage you to participate in this project!

Roger Uceda
Fundació CIM
Contact RepRapBCN
C/Llorens i Artigas, 12
08028 – Barcelona – Spain
Tel. + 34 934. 017.171

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