It’s time to step forward – BCN3D – The new 3D Printer

Some months ago we assembled and tested a MendelMax. We got delighted because we can reach higher speeds without having any problems of vibrations or any decrease in quality. This try was something that rounded our heads these months during the long workshop weekends… In October we decided that we should try something else.  BCN3D is that something.

Our intention with that machine is to create a good base to grow. We realized that more capacity to produce parts is needed. Apart from this need, during this year we got lots of feedback from our workshops, and also from the guys here in Barcelona and Spain that have told us some features to improve in their machines, mainly in terms of usability. We thank all this community; they are also a part of this machine. 


We also think that this machine can introduce RepRap in new markets. Here in Fundació CIM we are lucky to receive visitors from companies that we provide with Rapid Prototyping services. They didn’t know RepRap and showed interest in this new low cost technology, but they were a little disappointed by the aspect and the capacities of the RepRap Prusa saying that they don’t see themselves buying “a toy” for their company. We think that we have started to solve this issue with BCN3D being able to expand RepRap into the professional market.

Having all this in account, we thought in MendelMax as a good start, and introduced all this feedback in this design. BCN3D is a result of logical and easy upgrades to avoid simple problems that let us to focus in what is now really important for us: Contribute to the community with new designs that help people to print faster, cheaper, better and with reliability.


It is for this last reason that we are going to release improvements for this machine during the next months. We will present you this upgrades in this blog.

You can get your BCN3D here. We have planned a preorder of 10 machines that we will deliver in the 3th week of January. In the link above you will read also the main features of the machine.

We hope you like our design, and do not hesitate to contribute with suggestions and questions in this blog or in Facebook and Twitter.


One Response to It’s time to step forward – BCN3D – The new 3D Printer

  1. 3 machines sold in less than 24h! Thanks to all!

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