Game / Competition: RepRap Part Manufacturing

We are playing a game in RepRap Forums that we believe can be extended to the RepRap community.

It’s simple: each week someone proposes a 3D model to produce and others try their best. Furthermore, if we explain the configuration used, everyone learns.

The proposed rules are as follows:

1. The model is proposed on Saturday (thinginverse, dropbox …). It is very important to indicate the scale and the minimum layer height allowed.
2. During the week people make models, post photographs of the finish part and explain the settings used.
3. Only DIY machines can be used. Anyway, if anyone wants to make them with other machines (SLA, SLS, Objet, Stratasys…) just to compare can be fine!
4. On Friday at 23:59 GMT 0 the game is over.
5. During saturday the person who won last week chooses the new winner.
6. The new winner repeat step 1 in the same thread.

You can join the game here!


One Response to Game / Competition: RepRap Part Manufacturing

  1. shauki says:

    I will participate once my baby is flying 😉

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