RepRap Mendel Prusa vs 3DSystems SLA-7000 Stereolithography

Today we have made a comparison between one of our RepRap Mendel Prusa Machines and Fundació CIM 3dSystems SLA-7000 machines.

The first one costs 660€ in our webstore and the second one costs around 500.000€


Stereolithography is a process of rapid prototyping manufacturing using stratification for the construction of a physical model of design. This technology uses different resins photosensitive epoxis to solidify layer to layer by exposing them to a laser often UV. The main feature of this technology is the high accuracy in the reproduction of details in the rapid prototypes manufactured.

RepRap is a low cost open source 3dprinter based in FDM. Fused deposition modeling (FDM) is an additive manufacturing technology commonly used for modeling, prototyping, and production applications.

In the following comparison we have print a yoda figure that you can find in thinginverse

Stereolithography uses DSM-14120 epoxy resin and the slice is 0,1mm high. RepRap uses Ø3mm ABS plastic filament and the slice is 0,15mm high.

Stereolithography material costs 240€/kg while ABS filament costs around 28€/kg in our webstore 

We are proud of seeing how Open Source 3dprinting technology is achieving this high definition level.

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  1. I personally found this particular article , “RepRap Mendel Prusa vs 3DSystems SLA-7000 Stereolithography RepRapBCN – Barcelona,
    España, Europe, World”, incredibly engaging plus it was
    indeed a terrific read. Thanks for your effort-Caleb

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