Help developing a granulate extruder! – 3D printing project at FabLab Zuid Limburg

Ward Hupperets at Fab Lab Zuid Limburg is currently developing a new printer head for the open source 3D printers such as the RepRap, Ultimaker, Orca, etc.

This new extruder head (when completed and working) will make it possible to extrude with higher speed, broader material range (ABS, PLA, PE, PET…) and even the possibility to recycle plastic waste material! Ward said: “Our dream is to build a Big RepRap, which can use recycled plastic to build furniture etc., to be used in developing countries.” The extruder will use an upside down 10mm diameter screw, pulling polymer granules from a hopper into a narrow channel, where it is melted and compressed forcing it through the printer head nozzle.

The current status of the project is testing of the first prototypes. Ward asks the Fab Lab community for help. He is specifically looking for expertise and tips concerning the method of extrusion. “I’m now at the point that the project must be lifted to a more professional level, after successful primitive tests. This is the point where I can use your help! I’m searching for expertise and people who can help me with the project over the internet. Do you know anyone who could help me? I am sure there will be more FabLabs developing this extruder”, Ward said.


More details on the project can be found at this URL:

There is also a contact form if you want to get in touch with Ward and offer your experience and expertise.


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