Prusa Parts in SLS – Better Quality Results

In order to make more precise machines but mantaining the low cost of RepRap, we decided to introduce SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) parts in our printed packs.

We are using all this SLS parts in our machines having a good result in precision and durability. Our older machine is near to 6 months working and haven’t had any mechanical problem with no changes in any of our SLS parts.

The parts that we include in our pack in SLS are the bushings and the pulleys. You also can have it separatelly if you don’t want to buy a complet printed pack.

For the RepRap comunity we sell SLS parts that are in relationship with the RepRap machines at a low price (far from market prices). That way we let you try high quality parts in your machine and get in touch with a new aditive technology.

For more info visit our webstore

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