We had in our facilities a 3Dsystems wax machine. During the last year we refurbished it to a FDM machine using a wades extruder. It was not easy because of the diferent control of the motors, but at the end we managed to make it work.

Now we’re printing with blue PLA in this machine,  having really good results in our parts. The hard structure of the machine and the precision of the motors make it really reliable. But , of course all is not good, we can’t print as fast as we wanted because of the way that the heated bed moves in the y axis. We can’t go faster without losing precision or in the worst case, making the part a mess.

We’re planning to build a prusa made from these parts and compare the quality of the entire machine in front of our two Prusa with SLS parts. I think the SLS parts will win… but still, these parts in PLA look really great.

I let you some photos of the machine and the parts.

We have kits avaiables in our webshop. http://www.reprapbcn.com


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  1. Tiago Henriques says:

    looking really nice your blog and store.

    I am also in Barcelona and building a Mendel Presa and a RepRap community. How can I get in touch with you ?

  2. Esteve says:

    Hola, he enviado un mail a info(arroba)reprapbcn(dot)com y me ha llegado un mensaje que no ha podido enviarse. ¿Podríais darme alguna alternativa para contactar con vosotros (otro mail o un número de teléfono)?


  3. Hola,

    Estoy intentando ponerme en contacto con vosotros, sobre un producto que quiero adquirir, pero el correo no os funciona…
    Un saludo

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